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We use 2 official email addresses to ask questions, ask for help, and request a device activation Key file.



You can also use the above 2 email addresses to ask anything related to ESPrtk, RTK Ublox module, RTK Navspark module, help build RTK NTRIP / RTK MQTT / RTK RADIO LoRa system, multi RTK system connectivity, multi-Rover, or ESPrtk debugging requirements, new feature requests, even contributing to the development of ESPrtk.

Don't work alone, our ESPrtk development team will be with you and help you professionally, for free and in the best possible way.

In order for our mailbox to be arranged, please email us with the title in the following format:

-For get KEY file to activate ESPrtk : Click Here
-For asking and sending private messages:
Letter title: “Private email - your short title. "
For example: “Private email – Hello, I have some private questions.”

Facebook chat.

From 1/2018 , We use 1 official facebook account to ask questions or help for faster support !.