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Introduce .

This is the tool to configure RTK Skytra module.

It supports most commonly used Configure/Query features.

To use it, connect it to the following diagram: (this is also the default circuit when connecting ESPrtk to the Navspark modules).

Modules from Navspark are the best option today, so it is supported and updated more in ESPrtk.

UART wiring :

ESPrtk NS-HP-xx Other

To use it.

After connecting and supplying power.

Access Webconfigure and log in, select Navspark.

Before configure / query, you need to connect to the module with 1 baudrate speed to communicate. Usually 57600bps or 115200bps. (If you don’t know which baudrate to choose, try all baudrates.)

To test the connection successfully, click the “Query Software Version” in Query Binary menu, if the module returns a valid information, the connection is successful and you can start the configuration.

Below screenshot of Query and Configure tabs, they include Binary-Venus8-RAW-RTK-1PPS Timming-Ephemeris .


The note.

-Wait a moment after changing the baudrate.
– Do not click too quickly (after configure, you need wait a moment).
– Items marked with ‘*’ are not supported yet.
– Scroll the Query tab to see the full component.

-When you see the error [Module respond NACK (just not accept, please choose another option)], it means that the connection is successful and correct baudrate, but the configure value is invalid, you need to check the valid values of that module.