Users of device owners will have the ultimate rights to access and change data on ESPrtk.

The settings / configuration information on ESPrtk are collectively called Profile and they are protected by a login account including username and password.

Creating a new profile is necessary when ESPrtk doesn’t have a previous account.

Sometimes create a new profile when users forget the password to log their profile.

Create new profile.

After starting Webconfigure, visit the Profile page, click the “Create new profile” tab.

Enter your username and password.

Then press “Create” and wait for about 5 seconds. A successful notification will appear in the submit status box below.

The note.

If there is no profile on ESPrtk, it creates a new profile with default values.

If ESPrtk has a previous record, all data will be deleted before setting the default value when you create a new profile.

Allow charactors for the name and password :




The number of characters is no longer than 15 characters.

Password need contain at least one uppercase, one number, one lowercase.

Do not use your sensitive information as login information such as social network accounts, bank accounts, …..

Use fake names and passwords that are difficult to guess.

For owning multiple ESPrtk devices (multiple Profile accounts), it is necessary to use different usernames and passwords on each device to avoid mass attacks.

Using the Device ID as a suggestion to name and password is a good idea, but be different in how to exploit it.

To change your Username and Password, go to the “Your profile” tab.

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