Display and collect XYZ 3-axis magnetometer data to make calibration magnetometer more simple and professional with wireless connection (WIFI).

All you need to do is rotate and rotate !

Wiring MPU9250 to use with ESPrtk

See the circuit diagram here : IMU-MPU9250 Export IMU data in Real time.

Configuration :

Sample Setting: 

Sample rate (Hz): Speed ​​reading magnetometer data from sensor.

Max sample : Set limits for the number of samples collected. (The collection process will automatically stop when enough).

 File format export : Format of data file , support ‘.txt’ and ‘.svc’.

Data output format :

Option to configure the content of the data file by inserting text (Text1-2-3-4)  in front – between or after each X Y Z value.

Then output will be :

  Output each sample = Text1+X+Text2+Y+Text3+Z+Text4.

Example 1:

  • Text1 :  ‘x=’
  • Text2 : ‘ y=’
  • Text3: ‘ z=’
  • Text 4: ‘\n’
  • Output:

Example 2 :

  • Text1 :  ‘x=[‘
  • Text2 : ‘], y=[‘
  • Text3: ‘], z=[‘
  • Text 4: ‘]\n’
  • Output:

3D View , control , and download file.

3D View :

Note: 3D points of Raw data and Calibrated data only showing after get more than 200 sample ! 

  • Scroll vertical scale bar to change distance view from Camera
  • Left-press the mouse and move to change angle view.
  • Raw data show as points with red color.
  • Calibrated data show as points with blue color.
  • Select or Unselect ‘Raw’ checkbox to Show/Hide Raw points .
  • Select or Unselect ‘Cal’ checkbox to Show/Hide Calibrated points . 

Control and download :

  • Press Start to start or continue get sample data.
  • Press Stop to Pause get sample data 
  • Press Clear to clear all sample in file.
  • Press ‘Download Raw’ to download RAW file (non calibrated).
  • Press ‘Download Cal’ to download Calibrated file .

Calibrate magnetometer on ESPrtk.

Compensating hard-iron-and-soft-iron-effects on compass sensor using trasnsformation matrix.

Go to this post to learn more : IMU MPU9250 ; Calibrate magnetometer on ESPrtk using Magneto1.2.