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This feature is available on version 2.7.5 or higher.

Read data from MPU9250 and display as real-time graph, value bar and 3D model.

Video demo :

Wiring MPU9250 to use with ESPrtk

See the circuit diagram here : IMU-MPU9250 Export IMU data in Real time.

3D Model.

Draw a 3D object simulation with rotation angle taken from Pitch-Roll-Yaw -Compass heading data.
The Camera’s viewing angle can be changed by using the Bias Yaw-Pitch-Roll value bars. (Default all Bias set to 0). 

Euler Angle.

Display of 3 Euler angles: Yaw-Pitch-Roll.
Unit: degree.

Special :

The value of Yaw will drift after a long enough time even when the sensor is not moving or rotating.
Compass can be used as a Yaw value by selecting ‘Compass Calibrated for Yaw‘ mode.
In this way, the value of Yaw (in Euler Angle) and the rotation angle Z axis (in 3D Model) will be the compass value H (Magnetometer calibrated + Tilt compensation) or HF (Magnetometer calibrated + Tilt compensation +Kalman Filter) when the filter is applied.

However, before select this mode, make sure the compass has been calibrated by filling in the Transformation Matrix in ‘Profile -> IMU MPU9250’ tab.

To calibrate magnetometer on ESPrtk : IMU MPU9250 : Calibrate magnetometer on ESPrtk using Magneto1.2.

See more about H ,HF and Transformation Matrix here : IMU-MPU9250 – Export IMU data in Real time.



Display Gyro value on  3 axis XYZ . 

Unit : Degree/second.


Display accelerometer value on 3 axis XYZ  . 

Unit: ( scale 0.1 m/s^2).


Applying filter to Euler Angle.

Besides keeping the Yaw value stable by selecting “Compass Calibrated for Yaw” mode (introduced above).
It is also possible to apply filters for Pitch-Roll-Yaw values ​​to reduce noise by selecting ‘Filer Roll’, ‘Filter Pitch’, ‘Filter Yaw’ and ‘Filter F_Heading’ in the IMU-MPU9250 tab.

The name of the filtered values ​​will be displayed when the IMU-Viewer restarts ( image above).