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This functionality is being tested on the internal versions of the development team and it is not available to users.

A short excerpt about it:
“…it is a UART protocol with high-level data encryption, used to communicate between users’ ESPrtk devices to avoid data leakage for hackers on eavesdropping on communication ports….“.

This function will be available to users, but not for now.

Configure ESPrtk via UART .

From version 2.5.0 (higher 2.4.x), ESPrtk will support profile configuration via UART connection.

Select “Enable Configure ESPrtk via UART” to allow this function.
Users can change their profile information by computer or microcontroller (collectively called HOST) via UART connection instead of using WEBconfigure.
Communication is deployed on ESPrtk’s UART0 port.
Connection handshake requires reset the ESPrtk module. (HOST will pull the Reset port on ESPrtk to a low level before send connecting command ).

When select “Enable Encode Message Output” . Messages from ESPrtk will be encrypted before sending to HOST.

KEY coding: KEY on ESPrtk and HOST need to be configured the same to ensure successful connection. There are 16 encoded bytes, each byte will have a value between 0 and 255.

To implement this function on HOST, see more at these links bellow: