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This feature allows management of power, CHIP type and speed of communication with peripherals.

This is a system configure and it is hidden when accessed in the Web Configure.
To be able to access this page, after the login Profile, type  to enter System page.

Type CHIP.

There are some designs that are not the same on the CHIP ESP32 versions.

For example GPIO16 and GPIO17 pins on ESP32 PICO are reserved for CHIP Flash. CHIP ESP32 Rev 0, Rev 1 and Rev 3 also have some differences.

Please configure the CHIP ESP32 type to match the actual CHIP so that ESPrtk will automatically adjust to each type of CHIP.

  • ESP32_D0WD
  • ESP32_D0WDQ6
  • ESP32_D0WD_V3
  • ESP32_D0WDQ6_V3
  • ESP32_PICO_D4
  • ESP32_PICO_V3

Power .

This function allows reducing power consumption at the same time on applications using WiFi - Bluetooth - LoRa.  

The reduction step is in units of the percentage of the highest power level.

The lowest reduction is 20%.

SPI / I2C speed .

This function allows to increase or decrease the speed (clock rate) of the I2C and SPI interfaces that ESPrtk uses to communicate with peripheral devices.

The increase (or decrease) increment is in units of the percentage of the standard speed (normal) .

The lowest reduction is 25% and the highest increase is 200% of the standard speed.

Support change speed on :

  • SPI - LORA
  • I2C - IMU
  • I2C - LORA