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To be able to configure and perform settings on ESPrtk, users will access the configuration page in the form of a web page by browsing through a WiFi connection to the local network created by ESPrtk.

Start up and access web configure.

(ESPrtk after being powered. )

Hold down the CWB button, then press the Reset button (then release), continue to hold down the CWB button until the blue status LED blinks, then release the CWB button.

Now ESPrtk will start the wifi station (AccessPoint) named: ESPrtk: xxxxx. With xxxxx is the ID of ESPrtk device. (ESPrtk_ID).

When the boot process is complete, the connected status LED will light continuously.

You can now connect to the station, because the station is public (open) so you can connect without a password.

After connecting, open any browser on your device, and access to enter ESPrtk homepage.

A background page with the ESPrtk logo will appear, click on the center of the screen to enter the configuration page.

(Or you can access it directly at

At the profile page, click on the “Login/Logout” tab, enter your username and password and then click “Login”.

If ESPrtk does not have an account yet, click on “Create new profile”

You can watch the video below :

The note.

Confirm into web configuration mode with message: 

$ESPEL,74,2,Is going to Web configure, please wait in 10 second until all complete !*1F

Start Web configure successfully when the blue status LED lights up continuously (no more blinking) , and ESPrtk export message on TX_UART0 ( -baudrate 230400) that started (like image above)

When ESPrtk starts wifi AP station, it will need a minimum 5v power supply of 500mA. Otherwise the boot will fail or loading page will miss packets.

When access to web page and ESPrtk not respond, you can Disconnect to WiFi AP then Reconnect to it, every thing will work as well.

Accessing the configuration page only allows execution on one device, for use on another device, users need to log out on the previous device.

Most browsers like Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. can be used. They should be updated to the latest version and need to allow Javascript.

If you use a browser to access multiple webconfigure sites at the same time, open pages in separate tabs to avoid confusion, and always pay attention to the Device ID located in the top left corner of the web page.

ERROR when Loadpage.

Sometimes downloading a page will lose data and will display incorrectly or freeze.
To see if the page works properly, click the submit button (Save Configure / Login-Logout ..) and see the status of the response in the status box. If the status box does not display any content when clicking the submit button, this is a page loading error.
To fix errors:
Just reload the page, wait for the page to load content and images, then try again by clicking the submit button. Also check power supply to keep WiFi connection stable.