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What is ESPrtk ?

ESPrtk is a small circuit board used to transmit wireless GNSS data in high precision positioning applications. ESPrtk is geared towards the ability to use high quality, independent, wireless and low cost platforms. ESPrtk’s heart is a powerful ESP32 processor.

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Finder and suggestions for troubleshooting errors when using ESPrtk

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Getting started

Some articles are categorized for ESPrtk beginners..

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Datasheet Documents

Datasheets ,Arduino code, archives, configuration files, design files, software , ....are introduced in the tutorials.

High quality RTK positioning solution with low cost ESP32 .

Since the release of the first version of 1.0.0 in 9/2017. Every effort to make it safer, faster and more professional has been confirmed, until now, ESPrtk has been in the stable version 3.0.0. All development time for ESPrtk is focused on software development to optimize and upgrade new features in the future.

What does ESPrtk support?

ESPrtk is an abbreviation for ESP32 RTK.
In 3.0.0 version , it support :
Web config: Action Planning - Ublox Configure-Navspark Configure-GNSS Viewer - Custom pinmap
RTK Linking:MQTT - NTRIP - Wifi_TCP - Wifi_UDP - LoRa module...
Connection: Bluetooth Classic +Bluetooth Low Energey (BLE) - Wifi - Ethernet LAN ENC28J60…..
UART Configure - Hardware control - WEB Configure
Display: OLED SSD1306 , OLED SH1106, Neopixel, Led….
SD Card : Log and save file NMEA/RTCM to SD Card with full function on all Basestation +Rover...
IMU-MPU9250 sensor: Export IMU data in real time , Calibration Helper , IMU Viewer,…
Click here to download ESPrtk datasheet to read all detail support .