Beta Version informations update :

The 3.9.8 version has been released , the link download below ! For more information + datasheet , you can visit Here .

Beta Description
#3.9.8Expanded support for full RTCM 1005-1006-1007-1008-1032-1033 messages in Position Antenna tab .
#3.9.8Automatic calibration of the magnetometer without the need of external software (with same algorithm and equivalent results).
#3.9.8Supports the calculation of the magnetometer calibration with IMU data or raw text file data as input (in Web Configure mode). 3D View automatic rotation .
#3.9.8Supports calculation of magnetometer calibration by command (in Hardware Control mode).
#3.9.8 Magnetometer calibration using exclusive AI algorithm (99.99% noise elimination, 3D ellipse recognition, elimination of duplicated data, automatic minimization of data sample understanding, complete elimination of hard iron noise and soft iron noise ).
#3.9.8Support : Send IMU data to Bluetooth device .
Num Web configure theme App.bin BETA Data.bin BETA
#0MAX-3 ThemeApp.bin 3.9.8 BetaData.bin 3.9.8 Beta

Download stable version :

( Select others firmware on the drop-down below ) If you've purchased for the activation key on version 3.0.0, 3.2.5, ... then you can use your old key to activate for version 3.9.0 , 3.9.5 , 3.9.8 (3.x.x) without paying any extra upgrade fee. ( Free Upgrade)

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