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ESPrtk MQTT model transmit for Base.

ESPrtk Base Standard
Get RTCM data from RX-UART-RTK (RX1/RX2) port then send to MQTT Broker (Cloud Server) Need in Base mode. YES

ESPrtk internet MQTT model transmit

Darren Lobb's BaseStation (ESPrtk + F9P) system on with several months of continuous uptime without problems.

Step 0: MQTT account.

To use MQTT service, users need to have an MQTT account, if not, Click here to create an MQTT account.  

Step 1 : Hardware connection.

To connect ESPrtk with RTK receiver,  Click here for more detail.  

Step 2 : Configure  Wifi Hotspot.

If using wifi connection to access the internet, add the Router’s SSID and Password. 

Step 4 : Configure  MQTT RTK

Step 5 : Configure Action Planning.

ESPrtk :

  • Get RTCM  data from RX_UART1 port then send to MQTT Broker. .

  Insert 1008 message.

You can insert RTCM 1008 message or any RAW data you want to stream , total RAW data ESPrtk can store up to 2000 Bytes ( 500 Byte x 2 HEX x 2 Rover +Base) .

ESPrtk will automatically insert messages with an algorithm that adapts to every user's RTCM input to ensure the stream is correctly inserted.

Below is a snapshot of when I inserted the 1008 message at 1 Hz, everything worked perfectly.

To configure insert RAW data , see this post : Insert custom RAW data to stream data in RTK applications

Other Action.

Besides the main action of send RAW/RTCM data stream to Rover, ESPrtk can run many other actions at the same time, the supported actions are:

Step 6  – Final : Testing and Running.

Please make sure the configuration is saved correctly. Now press the “Reset” button on ESPrtk, it will start working.

For Base “Standard”:  <video>

For Base “Standard + Get Broker status”:  <video>

For Base “Standard + Get Rover’s NMEA”:  <video>